In the age of technology, few things are more stressful than encountering a broken system and realizing you may not have a way to fix it quickly. Our homes and businesses are full of complex technology that requires planning and effort to keep secure and functional.

When it comes to your website, the benefit of thousands of hours of development and programming time is given free of charge in the form of open source systems such as WordPress. However, like many great things in life, WordPress requires some attention to stay functional and secure.

The programming code inside WordPress is open source, meaning anyone can see exactly how it was written. This is a great thing for transparency and allows developers to fix problems or make changes to the WordPress code. However, it also allows malicious attacks to be more successful as the code is able to be studied for vulnerabilities.

With great power comes great responsibility, WordPress is a nearly peerless tool for managing your website, however it must be kept up to date and carefully monitored to prevent attacks from succeeding. One of the areas that Prologic has come to specialize in, is keeping WordPress sites secure and stable. If you do not have a plan for your site, please contact us for a free no obligation consultation.